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As a Lifestyle Per Design Member you will live the ultimate luxury lifestyle and will be welcomed into a network that will bring you the very best life has to offer. Whether you love fine dining, fast cars, partying or need an opulent apartment, private jet or private holiday island, we’re here to make it happen. At Lifestyle Per Design we let your imagination set the limits. You’ll be joining a worldwide exclusive network only available to those seeking the best in life. You will be partnered with a dedicated Lifestyle Manager who will meet with you personally. Highly skilled and knowledgeable, our lifestyle managers will learn to anticipate our members’ individual needs in advance, offering helpful suggestions and solutions for your every need. Your life is our priority and that means our service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our expertise will save you time while we look after the details.

You can rest assured that all of our well-trusted and experienced partners have been carefully selected to ensure you will experience the highest level of service. For an extra touch of sparkle, Lifestyle members will receive a free choice of champagne as a regular benefit as we celebrate life with you.

About Lifestyle Per Design

Lifestyle Management from Birth to Death

About Grace Bordley
About Grace Morgan Bordley

Lifestyle Per Design was founded by Grace Morgan Bordley in 2016 after 16 years in hotel management and more than 10 years in personal and event planning. Grace has applied her passion for hospitality and event planning in creating a range of services that has been invaluable to her extensive clientèle. Her commitment to crafting experiences and forming relationships has been instrumental to her continued success. Now Grace has opened her doors with extended service offerings to include business services, personal services, travel services, white glove services, event planning services, education services, notary and chapel services, and pet services.

Customer Oriented and Dependable

Grace credits her deep faith and humanitarian spirit in keeping her focused on accomplishing the mission of her growing company. She surrounds herself with a team that is like-minded and similarly focused on delivering consistent and reliable services. Each team member is properly vetted to ensure they meet the high level of scrutiny required. Not only are employees and contractors experts in their field but, more importantly, customer oriented and dependable.

“They say I am a dreamer. Dreams do come true!  I made a vow to God and myself, that before I leave this earth, I will serve my fellow man and live up to the name my parents choose for me, “Grace” meaning unmerited favor.  This is what God gave me and I pledge to not take it lightly, but to pay it forward, until the day He takes me home. I also promise to be a servant leader to children, the elderly, and those with any form of disability, or autism, becoming their voice when theirs can no longer be heard or understood. I must give meaning to my reason for living, else my living will just be in vain.” ~ Grace Morgan Bordley

Lifestyle Services

Our services are customized to suit you. We offer Personal Services, Home Services, Business Services, Event Planning, Pet Services, Education Services, Travel Services, Notary Services, White Glove Services & so much more. Learn more about how we can manage, organize and simplify your lifestyle requirements.


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